Cliche or Instant Classic?

I want to preface this by stating this is a video game rant, not a film or television review.

So I’ll start this off with simply saying that I am a huge consumer for video games, and am very plugged into upcoming titles, dev teams, studios, and some of the politics behind the industry, and have been keeping myself updated on the industry almost as long as I have film.

That being said, this game gets me quite excited.

I will admit, I am scared to get excited, like many modern gamers are these days with so many titles failing to meet expectations across all platforms. Almost every game that comes out now has some major flaw in it, but that’s a rant for another time.

If you are familiar with the market, this game can easily be summarized by “DayZ gets the graphics of Battlefield and the mechanics of Insurgency.”

Now for the normal people, I will explain why I’m so excited and what I think makes this game so great, at least from the pre-alpha standpoint.

So some basic terminology for those who don’t know: pre-alpha is basically like the teaser trailer for a movie–the first little bit of a game that gets released to the public, with the slight variation that games often change from this point whereas with movies only our ideas of the content changes. For example, the pre-alpha for Minecraft was the most simple, basic version–breaking blocks of terrain, crafting, with very basic terrain. After progressing through the alpha, beta, and official release, Minecraft has been updated many times, finally reaching 1.9, and is almost a completely different game at this point, comparatively.

But to get back on track, the pre-alpha for Escape from Tarkov is amazing. It is a first-person post-apocalyptic survival/shooter that takes the rich free-roam gameplay of DayZ and gives it the remarkable graphics of Battlefield and the immersive and effective character movements and weapon mechanics of a game like Insurgency or Rainbow Six Siege.

To give some context as to why this is cool, very few games have implemented the full range of first-person character movements with good graphics, let alone implement it into a free-roam survival game, a market which is in high-demand because of its limitless playability. If Battle State Games (the developer) can get the capitol to produce and improve upon this game to make it what it is meant to be, I think we could have a game on our hands that will have almost as much of a widespread adoption as Call of Duty or Minecraft, two of the top games with the biggest user base.

Honestly if they can just refine their pre-alpha into an early-access game, and market it heavily on platforms like Steam, GOG, and all of the CD Key sites, they will easily have the interest and fanbase to give it all the funding it needs.

I mean, look at Star Citizen for crying out loud. It’s 100% crowdfunded and it has, as of May 26, 2016, $114,159,049 from 1,384,277 backers. And the game is still in Alpha 2.3, barely even playable yet and nowhere near its final release platform. That’s the future of gaming–crowdfunding–because studios are beginning to be so profit-driven and are producing trashy games that only halfway represent what they were supposed to be in development.

Like I said, this was a rant, and thanks for the patience of my fairly non-linear thought process.

So in summary, I suppose I’m excited for this game because it embodies what every gamer right now is dying for–a quality game made by a quality developer. Sure, it’s a zombie survival game and that might be overkill at this point (haha, get it?) but I think this will be the zombie game to end zombie games, because if its as good as it looks like it is gonna be, it’ll be way more fun than the rest.

Here’s a link to the most recent footage of the game as of this post:


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