I didn’t find this movie that funny, honestly. Sure, it had a couple good punch-lines, but it was more annoying that it was worth in my opinion. A shame, really–I usually really like Seth Rogen’s humor.

Also, it is the most progressively liberal movie I think I’ve ever seen.

That’s all I really have to say, it is a comedy after all.



2 thoughts on ““Feminism.”

  1. Hi Zach,
    By stating that it’s “progressively liberal”, are you implying that you wish it was progressively conservative? if so, I don’t know why you’re even bothering watching these kinds of movies, or involving yourself in the business at all. I stumbled upon your interesting blog and I agreed with all of the reviews but this one! please get back to me, I’m quite curious.


    1. It isn’t that I prefer a film to align with my beliefs–I prefer quite the opposite in order to broaden my method of thinking–I just find that when a movie continually pushes jokes that would amuse someone of a different political view, then it doesn’t really make me laugh. That is one of the faults of comedy is that it is so subjective. And this comedy had a lot more political comedy than I was expecting (not by means of directly political, but in favor of a democratic perspective) and because of this I didn’t find a lot of the jokes funny. I honestly liked the movie more as a story arc for Efron’s character than as a comedy. So in short, it isn’t that I want this movie, or the business, to change, only that it doesn’t find my comedy funny bone the way, for example, a Kevin Hart movie would. But I am glad that you like my posts with this exception, and hope this hasn’t turned you off to further reading. If you have any more questions or want to talk in more depth, I’d love to–feel free to e-mail me at spurlingmedia@aol.com and have a great day.


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